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life drawing classes beginners, merseyside,roy munday's life drawing sketch, femal model, liverepoolI run a number of life drawing classes (and general art classes) on Merseyside and near Southport. All my art courses are structured, including life drawing, according to the needs of each person. As with any group of people, you will find different needs and different abilities. Some people may have done art at school, then nothing for many years, but have a long desire to do it - And that's all that's needed. I can teach you the basics, starting from the beginning, learing how to draw up your subject. You will learn how to measure correctly to allow you to achieve proportions. Critical when drawing or painting the human form. Then on to tonal work, using charcoal. Then you move on to using paint, again, starting with the basics with me still offering help and tuition.

Left, one of my sketches drawing directly from the model.



I now run an all day life-drawing class, for both beginners and those more advanced. It takes place on a Saturday at Lydiate L31 4HL, starting at 10am till 4.30pam. The first Saturday of each month.
Also classes held at the Bluecoat art centre, Liverpool, for beginners and the more advanced. Contact me for further details. Life-drawing, working directly from the nude figure, is the key to learing to draw and paint accurately. It teaches you to observe and to create accurate drawings and paintings. Please contact me for further details and cost.

life-drawing class sefton and liverpool, beginners life class

Above one of my paintings:
"working from the life model".
life drawing from the model, Liverpool, crosby and southport

I also organise art exhibitions. This provides an imputous to members to prepare work which they can exhibit and hopefully sell. Apart from enjoying the feeling of having their work exhibited before the public, an opportunity to see their work in the contex of an exhibition. Plus, members enjoy the social event as well.

An example of watercolour. Members are encouraged to use a varity of mediums, as well as drawing. In these examples, watercolourslife drawing from the model,liver sketching club Liverpool

beginners life drawing from the model,liver sketching club Liverpool, merseysidePen and ink is also a creative medium, as in these further examples of my own work, done in the life class.

If you think that joining a class might be a bit intimidating, don't let that put you off. Remember, everyone in the class have the same interest as yourself, plus they also felt the same. Besides, people join at different times, and they soon settle in.
If you require further information, email me:
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Art classes are an ideal way of learning how to paint and draw. I currently do them at Maghull, Liverpool and throughout Merseyside. The art courses that I run, including life drawing, are intended not just to teach you the subjects, but to fully involve you in the artistic world. Remember, you are under no pressure and you get from it whatever you want to take away. I often find that people on my art courses like to have access to other interesting art related events, like visiting galleries and viewing exhibitions. Also, they like to see their own work up on a wall in an art gallery, or in an exhibition. I help run an artistsí cooperative gallery in Southport, and this allows us the opportunity to show membersí work in a professional setting.